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​General Class Information

Dress Code:
Girls: leotard or form-fitting clothing, shorts, tank tops, tights etc. (no jeans) *workout/yoga pants okay if teachers can see feet*

Boys: Shorts or sweat pants and t-shirts

Dancewear and shoes are both available on location

Class Duration
Classes are 30 - 45 minutes long depending on age, level, and style and meet once per week. 

For your convenience, tuition is divided into 9 equal payments (September-May).  Our 12-week sessions can be paid for in full at time of registration or divided into 3 payments due monthly.  Summer fees are due in full the first week of classes.

All classes are invited to perform a routine they will learn in class. More information will be given as it becomes available.

Recital Costumes
Any student planning to perform in the recital must purchase a costume through the studio. To help alleviate financial stress we encourage participation in our recital costume payment plan, starting in September.
Ballet                 ages 9-18
Ballet teaches form and precision to create expression through movement. Students learn ballet technique to improve balance and coordination, while gaining flexibility and endurance. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes offered in 2 age groups (ages 9-12, 13-18).
Baton                ages 9-18
Cheer                ages 9-15
Junior & Teen Classes ages 9-18, & Adult Classes
Twirling involves balance and movement of a baton while performing a routine. Students learn the basics and they progress into twirling tricks, while incorporating body movements (Novelty twirling included). Class placement is determined by age and skill level.  Students will need to purchase a Star Baton for class.
Give me a D! Give me an A! Give me an N-C E! Cheer class teaches technique, tricks, and partner lifts. Students will learn cheers, chants, and a pom routine.
Jazz                  ages 9-18
Lyrical dancing is a fusion of jazz and ballet that involves a poetic and expressive display of emotion that portrays a meaning to the audience (emotional engagement required). Beginner and advanced level classes offered, based on experience and age.
Hip Hop             ages 9-18
Lyrical               ages 9-18
Tap is a rhythmic dance created by making sounds with your feet. Students learn technique, how to dance with music, while focusing on rhythms and stylization.  Multiple classes offered based on age and skill level.
Jazz classes are high energy and upbeat, focusing on techniques including leaps, jumps, and turns. As our dancers progress, more advanced skills are learned.  Students will be divided into classes by age and ability level.
Tap                   ages 9-18
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We are excited you are considering Reinta's for your child's dance instruction!  For the current class schedule and pricing, click on the class name and you will be linked to our online registration for this information.  We look forward to working with you and your child!
Hip-Hop is a form of street dance that encourages improvisation. This is a fun upbeat class that requires a lot personality and expression.  Classes divide by age and ability.
Tumbling is a great class to pair with cheer, baton, or lyrical classes to help dancers gain even more flexibility and become strong performers. If your child loves rolling and flipping, this class will get them focused to build strong cartwheels, round offs, and progress into back handsprings and other exciting skills!
Level 2 (ages 9-14): Some experience required. Students will build on skills learned in Level 1. Must have a strong cartwheel and handstand and standing bridge already.
Acro Tumble    ages 9-14
Shoes:  Tan Revolution slip-on jazz shoes 
Shoes:  Girls: Pink canvas Revolution split-sole ballet shoes, Boys: Black ballet shoes

Shoes:  Clean White Tennis shoes (worn in studio only)
Shoes:  Black Revolution Ultra-Arch Dance Sneaker

Shoes:  Tan Revolution slip-on jazz shoes 
Shoes:  Tan Revolution slip-on jazz shoes 
Shoes:  Tan Revolution slip-on jazz shoes 
Shoes:  Black Capezio tapster or Bloch tap shoes